Message from Chairperson IUCN Pakistan National Committee

Dr. Roomi S. Hayat

“This year, Pakistan is the Global host for the World Environment Day 2021 celebrations in partnership with UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Theme for this year’s celebrations is ‘Ecosystem Restoration – Recreate, Reimagine and Restore’ with the focus on resetting our relation with nature.

This is mega celebration as this formally launch the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030. It is the high time to realize and register the urgency of stopping and reversing environmental degradation. It is not possible to go back in time but we can reverse and restore the ecosystems. We can plant trees, green the brown cities, bring back the birds and butterflies to the cities, clean our wetlands, coasts and mountains to restore our ecosystems and we have to do this together. Pakistan has amazing contributions towards nature based solutions, ecosystem restoration and green environment practices with the efforts of Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan and Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Khan who has paved a way towards clean and green Pakistan. We must become a green generation that is sensitive to nature and care for nature with their actions. We need highly motivated and energized youth to lead in restoring fragile ecosystems like mangroves, marine and forests. Lets’ all plant trees together making our cities clean and green. Let the children plant trees in their schools and take care of them. Lets’ clean our community spaces, parks, green belts, pathways and waterways instead of polluting them. Pakistan is among the worst hit by climate change that is nature’s way of reminding us to look back and take action today. Increased frequency of natural calamities global warming, melting of glaciers and desertification are warning signs to focus on the ecosystem restoration by joining hands. Coupled with these issues, the coronavirus made things even worse than projected by impacting the heath and livelihood of people. A clear roadmap needs to be developed with local actions on a mass scale to create and impact. On this Environment day, let us work together towards resorting the ecosystems for a greener and more robust future.

Lets’ assess what we need to change to help the nature revive and ecosystems to restore. Lets’ pledge actions to take to make it possible. Pakistan National Committee of IUCN members is committed to work together and support the green initiatives of the Government of Pakistan and global community.”

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