Response to Flash Floods in Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral by AKRSP

AKRSP Update as of September 02, 2010
Sector:    Rural Livelihoods and Community Infrastructure:

AKRSP is actively engaged with government officials in GBC, and is coordinating with other partners including RSPN, PPAF, UNOCHA, and WFP. A series of proposals for UNOCHA, AKF, UNICEF and RSPN have been prepared to support early recovery planning and to prevent further deterioration of the situation.

In the Baltistan region, rapid needs assessments have been conducted and shared with government and other stakeholders and where possible, emergency restoration of drinking water supply has been carried out in Talis and Qomra worst affected villages. Local Support Organisations (LSO) in several regions has been working to repair water channels and mobilize donations for affected families.

Besides, 6000 ft (1 to 2 inch) pipe drinking water at Shutt Qumra  500 ft (4 inch) pipe for irrigation at Aliabad Qumra through cash for work activities. Four teams of Engineers are surveying the damage irrigation channels (two teams are in Ghanche and two are in Skardu). 30,000 ft (different dia) and were purchased and is being transported to the affected area.  AKRSP Baltistan office facilitated WFP in receiving 16 metrics ton of relief items to Baltistan and stored at Skardu. This will be distributed through LSOs with support from AKRSP.

In Chitral, needs assessments have also been conducted to inform relief and recovery operations and several proposals are under preparation on water and sanitation, food security etc. Two compressor machines were provided to government/local administration to clear the emergency road between Garmchashma area and Chitral unblocking roads and the restoration of irrigation channels.

Besides, upon request of district government, communities were mobilized to support district government in opening of Chitral-Garamchashma road. The community of Karamabad and Garamchashma are still providing free labor for opening of road. AKRSP provided  PKR 800,000/- support to 12 small projects (6 irrigation channels, 4 bridges and 2 roads) mainly in Shogor, Garamchashma and Charun UCs for emergency restoration of these lifeline projects. Dialogues with CESSD finalized at Islamabad. Under the agreement CESSD will provide relief goods while AKRSP will facilitate the distribution through linking them with LSOs. Participation in district level coordination meetings continues. Provided damage data, received from LSOs, to district government for development of consolidated damage assessment report.

In Gilgit, an emergency support field office has been opened in Gulmit to support 25,000 of the affected population upstream of Attabad Lake. Needs assessments have been conducted and logistical support has been provided to FOCUS to facilitate relief operations. AKRSP and LSO have been active in organizing relief distribution and camp management where necessary and are planning cash-for-work programmes in several areas from August 24th. Efforts will focus on unblocking roads and the restoration of irrigation channels.

Besides, AKRSP Gilgit organized five team (3 to 4 professional in each team) to conduct detail survey of 30 most effected villages in four districts of Gilgit Region. Community dialogues were conducted in seven most effected villages of the four districts and cash grants were disbursed ranging between Rs. 25000 -50,000) in each village to start repair and rebuild community infrastructures mainly irrigation channels through cash4work activities. Early assessment reports related to damages to community infrastructure were shared with the District government in Ghizer in coordination meeting.

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