Rural Aid Pakistan

Mr. Malik Khalid Chairman district Zakat Committee, Mr. Zahid Rafique, Deputy Director Social Welfare and other stakeholders participated in Food Packs distribution events organized by Rural Aid Pakistan. The speakers educated the participants about the prevention measures about COVID-19. In these events, Rural Aid distributed the food packs to 115 poor widows and daily wager families. Rural Aid responding COVID-19 through awareness raising, distribution of hygiene & safety kits and food items to marginalized people in partner communities affected by COVID-19.”

World Environment Day – Message from Roomi S. Hayat, Chairperson, IUCN Pakistan National Committee

This year’s theme for the World Environment Day is ’Time for Nature’- a call to action to stop the loss of plant and animal species and need reversing the degradation of natural resources,. Observing the World Environment Day aims at reflecting the importance of working together at all levels and build a future that is in complete harmony with the nature. The day is also meant to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and focus on environmental issues and their probable solutions. Currently, as many as one million plant and animal species are at the risk of extinction. Most of this is because of human activities. The decisions that people make now will determine the kind of world our future generations will inherit. It is a high time that humanity must opt for staying alive by caring for our common home, the Earth and rejuvenating the Planet through sowing the seeds for a better future. This World Environment Day, we must aim at learning to share the knowledge with our communities and pledge towards creating a better environment for the future generations.

World Environment Day 2020 – Message by Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative, IUCN Pakistan


All around the world today, people are celebrating the World Environment Day. The theme for the year 2020 is: “Time for Nature”. Keeping in view the ongoing COVID-19 crisis it is a high time to think of nature. It is a known reality that zoonotic diseases like SARS, H1N1 Flu and Corona virus originate from the wildlife. Due to corona crisis almost the entire world has come to standstill. The closures have ensued an economic chaos the root cause of which can be traced to the wildlife. Continue reading “World Environment Day 2020 – Message by Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative, IUCN Pakistan”