Millennium Development Goals: A Distant Dream

Naseer Memon

Daily Dawn, 1st Dec 2010

THE Planning Commission of Pakistan recently released the fourth national report on progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

This document has been released after a long wait, with the last one appearing for 2006. While it is informative in terms of the dismal progress on almost all major MDG indicators, it conceals inter-provincial and intra-provincial disparities that were presented in the last report.
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New Year’s Message from Mark Smith, Head IUCN Water Programme

03 January 2011 | News – News story

Every species -whether animal or plant- uses water every day. This includes each and every one of us. Water connects all people and all life.

Most of the water we use, some 70 % globally, we use to grow food. More is used to keep business and industry productive and profitable. The idea that we need water to keep us healthy and clean is familiar. However we easily forget that it is also fundamental to keeping us nourished, to the economy, to jobs, to wealth and security. We need water flowing in rivers for energy, for trade and for enjoyment. Yet, of all the water on Earth, only 1% is liquid freshwater that we can use. Without doubt, water is precious.
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Information Alert for NGOs: Email scam offering sponsorship

By fundsforngos, on January 9th, 2011

Recently, an email was circulated to many NGOs in Africa by someone claiming to be “Bridge Medical Research Foundation” inviting them to attend “the 4th International Workshop for Development and Finance” “scheduled from 14th to 19th February 2011 in Georgia-Atlanta, United States of America, (U.S.A).” The invitation attached to the email claimed to provide full sponsorship covering air travel and meals to at least 4 participants from each organization. But each participant had to pay US $285 as registration fee!
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Peace and Sustainable Development in South Asia: The Way Forward

The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) is holding its Thirteenth Sustainable Development Conference (SDC) from 21-23 December 2010 in Islamabad, Pakistan. This year’s Conference is titled ‘“Peace and Sustainable Development in South Asia: The Way Forward”. Each SDC is designed as a forum for sharing and exchanging dialogue on sustainable development with academia, practitioners, civil society, legislators and policy-makers. The SDC series has been established as a prime Conference in South Asia on development issues attracting leading intellectuals, development practitioners, communities and policy-makers working in or on South Asian issues.
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